Yin Yoga & Sound Baths

Yin Yoga classes and Sound Bath workshops are run at the studio by Zoe.

Zoe is a trained Yoga Instructor and Advance Sound Healer based in London, but has taken her practice and sessions around the world helping others reconnect and reset the mind and body.

Using a connection with music and movement she creates a safe space for healing in movement and sound with the ability to work in subtle energy to help others find connection to themselves and finding a peaceful balance within the stresses of day to day life.

Yin Yoga – Sound Bath Savasana

A slow and deep  practice, where you will be guided through deep stretches held for 3-5 minutes, designed to target deep into the subtle tissues of the body, releasing tension in your fascia (connective tissue), and promoting rest, stillness, softness and relaxation.

Yin Yoga will give you time and space to connect with the body with postures that are mainly seated or lying down and helps to open and release tension.  A union of the mind and the body bringing the true essence of yin to yang within.

The end of the class will allow you to deeply melt into a space of relaxation with a wind down which incorporates the sound waves of a healing sound bath.

Props will be provided, and this class is suitable for all levels.


Sound Bath

A time to connect to your inner calm with a soothing sound journey to help relax and recharge.

60 minutes to completely let go as you experience the healing sounds and vibrations of Quartz and Alchemy Crystal singing bowls with some other soothing sounds that create peace, harmony and relaxation within.

An invitation to yourself for an opportunity to leave everything back at home – as you lie back, close your eyes and just let go.

Surrendering to the sounds within the beautiful quiet space this is a time for you to reset and connect within as you join this immersive experience with calming frequencies which will help the mind, body, and soul find balance and clarity.

Zoe will take you through some gentle breathwork as you settle in and help you press pause to the busy times, guide you to let go of any tension and recharge to become fully present in your space.

All you need to do is arrive and be guided to relax.


Due to the vibrational energies within these sessions it’s not recommended to attend a sound bath/sound journey for anyone with epilepsy, pacemakers/metal plates, clinically diagnosed severe mental health disorders or those in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Please do seek medical advice if you wish to attend and have any health concerns related to the above.

Yin Yoga runs weekly on Friday evenings from 6:30-7:30pm, with the exception of 5th July, 23rd August, 30th August, 20th September and 27th September.

Zoe also runs monthly sound baths on Sunday mornings from 10-11am. Upcoming dates: Sunday 23rd June, Sunday 14th July, Sunday 11th August and Sunday 8th September.

To find out more or book a session, please contact Zoe directly. 

Email: zoemyogaandsound@gmail.com

Phone: 07951 940678

Website: www.zoemyogaandsound.com