“I have been to Christine’s Pilates for almost 2 years now. I absolutely love her teaching as her classes are small and friendly.

She corrects appropriately and in a subtle way and makes the class fun and relaxed but without knowing you are working hard! 

I have a lot of back pain and she is very understanding of every individual’s needs.

I’ll continue to “pop the cork” (once you go along to class you’ll understand)!!”

Michelle Allen-Florist


“Even if I don’t feel much like it before I start, my Pilates class at Chatsworth never fails to make me feel better. My ‘laptop back’ and general mobility is improved, I have more energy and feel more optimistic (especially valuable during lockdown). I am even noticing some new muscles in the sides of my tummy that I’m sure were not there before! Christine is warm and helpful, and the classes are friendly and welcoming.”



“Since visiting Pilates once a week my back pain has greatly reduced. I really enjoy the hour sessions and feel great after class. Always a great bunch of people at the classes.”



“I have been attending Pilates classes regularly at the Studio. Whatever your age or level of fitness you’ll find a welcome at Chatsworth Studio.” 



“Attending Christine’s Pilates classes has really helped to keep my sciatica under control.  I am always able to go at my own pace when I need to.”



“I am a relative “newbie” to Pilates – only having started classes from January 2019.  Having been diagnosed with an arthritic knee, I was advised by the Doctor that Pilates would help this condition, which it has.  The classes are very professionally run – the instructor checks at the start of each class if anyone has any new – or existing – health issues – and adapts the exercises for that person accordingly.  During the class – you are constantly checked that you are doing the exercises correctly and – if not – shown the correct way – which – in my case – is quite often! 🙂  I miss attending classes – due to the current CV lockdown – and am looking forward to returning to my weekly class soonest.”



“Delighted to have found a Pilates class locally as I may not have started classes (as an over 70 year old) if I had to travel too far.

Christine fully explained the sort of class that would suit my age, beginner status and time constraints. I hoped for an early class and found the 8.20-9.20 a.m. session suited me perfectly.

Our class is small and friendly and, although many have been together for years, I was made most welcome and Christine was able to watch and correct my efforts and suggest less energetic and advanced moves until I felt able to join in with the others.

We are repeatedly urged to stop or do less if anything is uncomfortable or hurts and she is aware of any recent medical history which could obviously be affected by the wrong sort or too vigorous an exercise.

Christine regularly, asks how people are feeling or coping (without prying) and displays a genuine interest in all her pupils, which is a rare skill. This is manifested by the classes she has started with various disabled and frail people and well as classes for pregnant and new mums.”



“Christine’s Pilates classes have helped me get back to fitness after my Cancer treatment.”



“Christine is a great teacher, she is generous with her knowledge and time and always gives her best to help her clients achieve their personal goals. She has a good sense of humour too which makes her classes relaxed and fun!”



“Dear Christine,

I hope your wedding went well and you and Dave are enjoying married life. We wanted to thank you so much for all your help in preparing us to dance at our wedding. We really enjoyed it!”

Jodie and Nick, Surrey   


“I had torn the major adductor muscle in my thigh when I was in a car accident in May 2011. I had to walk with a stick and was unable to participate in any sports. After having months of physiotherapy, my therapist recommended I start pilates classes to help my recovery further.

I found Christine through her website and started classes in October that same year – and I’m still going! This is the first time I have stuck with and exercise classand the reason behind this is two-fold; one, that I have felt a massive benefit from the classes, and my injury has almost healed; and two, Christine is a superb teacher – helpful, patient and willing to push you to make the most out of the exercise!

I had tried to join gyms in the past and never worked up the enthusiasm to go – with this class, and the Zumba classes I am also taking (with Christine), I’m fitter than I have ever been and look forward to each class.”

Karen, Cheam    


“Christine has made our wedding dance memorable. My husband was quite hesitant about learning to dance, Christine made us feel at ease, listened to our request, gave us clear instructions and taught us a few moves and steps that made our dance special.”

Adela and Andrew, Surrey    


“Sorry for the delay in sending through some photos of Grace’s party. It was a lovely occasion and thank you for helping make it a special day for Grace. I will get some photos forwarded to you shortly.”

Judith, Mike and Grace